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White Papers – an expert writing service from AMA:

Become a thought leader through your own White Paper

As expert writers on supply chain management and logistics we would work with you to create compelling and informative material by tapping into the intellectual capital within your organisation and then supporting this knowledge with desk research and our own unique, in-depth understanding of the sector. Importantly we would use the terms and language understood by supply chain professionals.

The process is simple to execute. We work with you to determine the subject areas that best align with your business objectives. A list of topics, along with a short outline and key questions are drawn up for each. Then all it takes is a phone interview with a ‘thought leader’ within your organisation – we are well practiced at conducting interviews with executives across the globe and writing material that is aimed at an international market.

A white paper of an agreed word count (generally in the range of 1500-2000 words) would be drafted and taken through the approval process with you.

We can also carry out a similar process to create ‘thought leadership’ articles (typically 1000 – 1500 words) and shorter ‘opinion’ pieces (500 – 700 words). Similarly, we can produce case study articles by interviewing key clients.

In many instances a longer white paper or ‘thought leadership’ article can be edited down to a punchy opinion article – useful for publication columns, newsletters and blogs.

The material could then be promoted through Twitter, Linked-in and social media channels.

Here’s an example white paper.

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